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Yorke Peninsula - 2024

Advanced Surf Camps

The advanced surf camp is a weekend-long barrel filled program. The aim of this program is to develop the groms surfing with legendary local SA coaches and high tech footage analysis! They will also learn about the local area and some of the best secret surf spots! Based at the Corny Point Caravan Park Yeww!

Please Read Entire Webpage Before Booking

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Advnaced Surfing

Surfing Requirements

While this camp's focus is on improving surf skills we do have some surf related requirements that need to be met. This ensures that the camp isn't too challenging for any one individual.

- Must be aged between 10 - 17

- Being able to paddle out the back in small swells.

- Knowledge of and relative comfort in/around rips.

- Ability to ride small unbroken/green waves with little assistance.

If you are unsure if the camp is right for your child please contact us.


What To Bring

  • A 64GB USB/SD Card in an addressed envelope with stamps - You receive all the groms footage which is why we require such a large USB. (If you have multiple children in the camp you'll only need 1 USB)

  • Phone 'Keep in mind that service may be limited' 

  • Medications if required

  • Surfboards and wetsuits (We can provide wetsuits and foam surfboards)

Day 1

7:30pm – Meet, greet and overview at the Corny Point Caravan Park camp kitchen

Day 2


7:00am – Wake up, eat your breakfast (Potentially make lunch if we stay out for the day)

8.00am - Briefing with coaches

9.00am - Surfing session

12:00pm – Lunch and video analysis

1.00pm – Surfing session

5.00pm - Video analysis

Day 3


7:00am – Breakfast and pack up

8:00am - Surfing session

11:30am - Video analysis and camp wrap-up

12:00pm - Lunch

1.30pm – Head home

Girls Camp Edit 2022 Age 10-14
Boys Camp Edit 2022 Age 10-14
Girls Camp 2022 Age 15-17
Girls Camp Edit 2021
Boys Camp Edit 2021
Boys Camp Edit 2020


So the changes we are looking to implement include a price reduction from the initial $300 to $200. If you've already booked and paid the $300 please get in contact and I'll refund you the money  I'll be calling and speaking to those who have already booked regardless 


The reason for the price reduction is that we are looking to make it a family weekend in which you'd book your own accommodation and provide your own food. We will be based as usual at the Corny Point Caravan Park. If you want to make an accommodation booking you can contact Charlie and I'll put his number and the website below. 


Website -

Phone - (08) 8855 3368


Since it will be a family weekend we are opening up to boys as well between the ages of 10-14. So if you have a son and daughter in the same age bracket they can both participate.


We have a maximum capacity of 16 for this camp and we can accommodate a variety of skill and comfort levels. Often we break up the groups to suit the needs of each child.


Unlike previous years we don't need specific parent supervisors since the groms will be staying with family or friends.


New Saftey Measures 

We are implementing several safety measures. We are confident that with these measures in place, we can run safely.


Designated Safety Watch - We have a designated spotter to monitor the area during lessons.

Drone Surveillance - We conduct a thorough sweep of the water prior to and during each session.

Staff In The Water - As usual we'll have staff in the water with the groms.

Refund Policy

A refund is only available if advised that a participant cannot attend the respective event 14 days prior and a valid doctor’s certificate is provided. A refund will be given minus a $10 administration fee.

COVID-19 Refund Policy
In the case that an event is cancelled or rescheduled due to the organisers acting on local, regional, state or national health regulations or official advice, the refund policy will be as follows:

  • Event reschedule - participants will maintain their inclusion in the event. If the participant cannot attend the event on the new proposed date then a refund will be offered, with $10 administration fee retained by organisers.

  • Event cancellation - participants will be offered a 100% refund

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